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Hey! I'm Mallory

I'm a personal finance guru dedicated to helping others achieve financial freedom. I'll never forget the feeling at age 22 when all this "money stuff" hit me like a freight train. I still remember the day I opened up my employee-sponsored 401K for the first time and thought - did I miss a class in school? Because half of this website feels like a foreign language. Next up I attended a session on health benefits and thought what the heck did they mean by investing in an HSA? Then it was looking at my now husband's student loans, buying a home, taxes...this list could go on and on. 

I didn't like feeling so vulnerable when it came to personal finances, my money, and ultimately my time on Earth. So, I dove in. I spent thousands of hours reading books, blogs, listening to personal finance podcasts, and even attending weekend-long seminars.

I've gone from living paycheck to paycheck to being on track to retire well before the traditional retirement age. And along the way, I have learned the lifelong impact of getting your personal finances in order. 

Let's Talk Money!


Don't shy away from the B word! A budget is simply a TOOL that CONTROLS your money. Can you imagine a company like Apple without a budget?! 

This is the EXACT budget template my husband and I have used for 3 years. We keep it simple.  

*You will receive this file in the form of Excel and Google Sheets. It is recommended you download on a computer to set up and begin*
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